The Farmer's Dilemma

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Once upon a time there was a farm which was going through bad times. It was spring and the farmer realised that the crops did not grow. The soil had turned infertile due to the absolute freezing weather of the last winter. This situation caused monetary losses for the farmer. So, he had to face a dilemma: To sell his farm, or to wait for the soil to return productive. Day by day the farmer saw by the window that dry and dead soil where he only found some rocks and undergrowth. And day by day he felt frustrated. He started to think that it was time to accept his reality. As a result, he decided to sell the farm to some estate agent and maybe he could recover his property value. However, the most difficult of it would be to communicate his decision to his son. The farmer’s son was 13 years old. He was a very cheerful and industrious boy. He used to wake up at 7.00 o’clock every day. He loved to bath the animals and fed them. In fact, he could take all his day bathing the animals till all of them were cleaned. What is more, he was conscious of took care of all the animals, even if nobody noticed. When the farmer was definitely sure about the selling, he called his son and said: -“My dear, as you have seen the soil is really dry. It is useless to work this land. I am afraid we have to send the farm”. -“Oh, father” – answered the boy – “Can we keep the farm? I cannot just leave my friends. They need me” -“Boy, you know we cannot afford the farm if the soil is unproductive.
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