The Fascinating Figure Of King David

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Over the recent years of biblical scholarship, the fascinating figure of King David has been the interesting subject of study that has attracted innumerable investigations. The popular notion of this character’s bravery and the brilliance of his historicity, have inspired scholars and artists of all ages to take a closer look. The traditional and popular view, circulating mostly in faith-circles, recognizes the Biblical David as a perfect individual, a pious, young shepherd boy who had a heart that was after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14; 16 NIV) and through humility and perseverance of trusting God, was honored to be the King of Israel with a lasting legacy. With that kind of impression of David, there were many scholars who decided to look at him with a lens of speculation and scrutiny, typically positioning themselves in the place of his enemies. Most scholarship have been trying to enlighten the reader from the traditional view, who minimizes David’s flaws and magnifies his virtues. They have taken an opposite view to illuminate their perspective. Scholars have used the Bible (specifically the books of Samuel, Kings, Chronicles and Psalms) as the only source of information to discover further about the personality and character of David. There is no other ancient inscriptions nor secure archeological discovery that gives much information for this study. Therefore, to understand the historical David, scholars were primarily exegetical; they did a
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