The Fascination Effects Of Music On The Human Mind

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The Fascination Effects of Music on the Human Mind; Framing Intuition and Perception From ancient times, music has held great importance to cultures all over the world. Music remains one language that is ever evolving; it refuses to die away. From that day almost 40,000 years ago, one of the first musicians picked up a vulture’s bone and decided to make a flute out of it, till this day, music has held a power that no other language will ever hold. The importance of music has indeed waxed greater and greater through the centuries. From its use for story-telling, ceremonial purposes, social and religious practices, etc, there has been a great expansion of its uses. Majority of the masses do not realize this, but music has become an unavoidable part of our daily lives. With its use in movies, advertisement, shopping centers, elevators, buses, etc, not a day goes by without each person hearing some kind of music. As its forms have expanded so have its uses. Its undeniable effects over the human mind have not gone unrecognized by researchers and scientists. Music is a much more extremely powerful tool than the masses realize, it has the ability to influence and frame one’s decisions, intuition, mood, interpretation and overall perception of things. It’s constant use in advertisement and film sheds a great deal of light on this. With the countless numbers of research and experiments used to prove this fact, it is no wonder advertisers and movie makers have capitalized on it.

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