The Fascination Of The Holocaust

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Introduction One could only think of what it must have been like to live under a murderous and cruel leader who beat, starved, and made one live in unsanitary conditions. The fascination of the holocaust is an absolutely interesting yet touching time that took place during WWII. The holocaust evolved slowly during 1933 and 1945 which later on began with the discrimination. Many jews were taken from their homes and forced into camps in places like Auschwitz and lived in poor conditions then later killed for no reason. Nazi’s sought out to murder the entire the Jewish population and destroy its culture of Europe, but they did not act alone. They had help and were supported by people in the countries of Europe that they occupied. Adolf Hitler was one of these people. Before Adolf Hitler, known as the Fuhrer of the Nazi party, organized and creatively designed the ideas that came to be known as Nazi ideology. He believed that how a person is characterized, their way of thinking, their intelligence, and their taste of culture that they have or study, or religion was determined by their race. For example, stereotypes were made by the ethnic groups appearances and culture. Seeing that, the Nazi’s did not even want to bring themselves to think that people of one race could ever mix with other races. Being said that they were racially biased most likely explains why their main target was of what the Nazi’s thought was another race, or also known as the Jews. During this time
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