Essay about The Fascist Economy as an Illusion

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The Fascist Economy as an Illusion

The fascist economy was one of the biggest uses of propaganda in the
fascist regime, and something that Mussolini took great personal
interest in. There were no real outlined Fascist economic policies
however, as Mussolini originally adopted a more laissez-faire attitude
towards the economy, until pressure from the large businesses and
corporations led to state intervention in the system.

Mussolini, however, was prepared to distort the fascist economy for
his own welfare and was even prepared to make conditions worse for his
employees just so that the economy could benefit and Mussolini could
further feed his vast propaganda machine. Therefore, this creates the
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Mussolini was also looking at long-term solutions to the problem, as
he felt that the economy was an issue which was going to affect the
fascists permanently. However, Mussolini had many choices on which
line to take, as he as influenced by all areas of the fascist party.
The intransigent wing of the part wished for him to take a more
"syndicalist" approach. Syndicalism was a form of trade unionism,
which promoted more & more state interventionism, i.e. taking the
policies a lot more extreme and interventionist. This was seen to be
the case at the same time in Stalin's Russia, where interventionist
policies were having a dramatic adverse effect on the country, with
the retaliation of the peasants against the system showed that an
interventionist policy would not be the best line, when trying to use
the economy to "sell" Italy and promote it. Therefore, Mussolini
disbanded de Stefani and turned to Count Volpi, who was put in charge
of exercising Mussolini's main economic targets.

Mussolini had set himself 3 major economic targets to try to achieve
within about the first 5 years of his regime. The first of these was
the Battle for the Lira which tried to fix the value of Lira to 90 to
the £, which was the amount when Mussolini came to power in 1922.
Mussolini wanted to "defend the Lira with strenuous decisiveness…to
the last breath, to the last drop of…

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