The Fashion Channel ( Tfc )

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Fact and Issue: The Fashion Channel (TFC) is on the situation of slow growth, the CEO Jared Thomas realized change is desirability needed for achieving the long-term growth and staying on leadership position in market. The success of TFC’s business model attracts new businesses enter the same market that increases competitive stress. TFC provides 24 hours fashion programming to broad viewers, at one point TFC promotes “Fashion for everyone”. TFC receives fair viewers’ ratings and charge for a basic price, while competitors like lifetime and ESPN receive higher ratings and charge a premium fee. CEO Thomas knows the problem and hired an experienced marketer - Dana Wheeler as senior vice president of marketing to restore TFC ‘s leadership in market and to jump up revenues. The five types of research The dynamic of Ad sales and the stable affiliate fee are major revenue to TFC; the viewers’ rating affects the Ad sales. Wheeler study these research materials before making a decision. First exhibit, viewers’ demographics and competitor comparison, female viewers are more than male viewers. The second exhibit, GFE Associate: National Consumer Survey. This tells the cable subscribers and consumer’s interests and preference, the high percentage of not favor against TFC. The third exhibit, GFE Associates: Analysis of Attitudinal Clusters in U.S. Television Households for TFC. It indicates type of viewers’ attitudes likely toward to buy. The fourth exhibit, the Ad Revenue

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