The Fashion Choices People Make Should Not Define Who They Are

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The fashion choices people make should not define who they are. People should be judged based on their actions and not by their fashion choices. Passing judgement based on looks can hurt others and cause issues in society. Some people are required to dress in a certain fashion, but that does not determine whether they are good or bad. I chose this argument topic because it involves my major in fashion and also an issue for which I can relate. The study of fashion and sociology can relate in some ways, therefore, this would be an interesting argumentative research topic.
The first key point that I can use in my essay would be that children, especially teenagers, are judge by their peers based on their fashion choices. This claim supports my argument by showing that teenagers that are judged harshly, often feel forced to dress a certain way to be accepted. The second key point that I can use is that people of different cultures are expected to behave a certain way or have certain beliefs based on their attire. This key point supports my argument to show that stereotyping people based in their culture can cause result in issues within society. The last key point that I can use is that fashion choices express how someone feels and not how they are. Someone’s style of fashion can change at any time or frequency, depending on how he or she feels at certain times, or in a specific situation.
The audience that will be reading my essay will be my instructor or anyone else that is…
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