The Fashion Consumer’s Attitude Towards the Fashion/Lifestyle Brands Adopting Csr as a Part of Their Business Strategy

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The Fashion Consumer’s attitude towards the fashion/lifestyle brands adopting CSR as a part of their business strategy

Author: Anjali Saini
Fashion Marketing (2009-11)



After all the harm that man has done to the planet Earth, the time has come for mankind to protect himself and the planet from further destruction and to save the planet. To solve this purpose, there is much talk about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) today. As Indian apparel/fashion and retail industry is one of the major sectors that contribute to the GDP, it has become their job to work for the society and give back what they have taken from the people and the planet.
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Thus, this project studies the requirement of CSR in fashion/lifestyle industry and its effects on the Indian fashion consumers. Most of the consumers today are concerned about the environmental issues but is it possible for these customers to be fashionable and environment friendly at the same time?

Research Methodology
Behavior of different class of customers has been studied. The survey was done with the help of questionnaires and semi-structured interviews with the customers of Fabindia, Body Shop, Nike, Benetton and Marks & Spencer. For collection of secondary data, various books, journals, papers and articles were referred.

The research showed that, CSR of fashion brands mostly affect higher income group of customers who are educated, working and concerned to environment and society but not necessarily. All the customers of brands are concerned towards the society but there is a lot of difference in being concerned and having positive response to green apparels/products in fashion consumers. Customers tend to buy other products related to CSR but not the fashion products. Their attitude changed when they got to know about the CSR activities of their preferred brands but there is no change in their buying behavior of the fashion products as compared to other products.

For these results, it is recommended, CSR should be adopted by all fashion/lifestyle brands, whether as core business value
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