The Fashion Designer Of The 1940-1950 Ies, Christian Dior

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The most powerful and influential fashion designer of the 1940-1950-ies, Christian Dior was an uncrowned king of post-war fashion. He created a sensual silhouette New Look, which immediately became a legend. Dior also defined a new business model in a post-war fashion industry – he was the first to unify a release of a variety of products of one brand, thereby creating the first-ever fashion empire. Dior was born after the Second World War – in 1946, when Christian Dior created fashion house and named it his own name. French market was offered a new luxury beauty concept, which was breaking contemporary beauty standards. The new image was named “New Look”. Dior created the image of real beauty. Himself he liked to watch women dancing and often named his created dresses by flower names. As Europe was very tired of war and military, it liked this look, as it was bold, innovative and luxurious. In 1947, company released its most famous perfume Miss Dior. This perfume still has only one opponent in a market – Chanel No 5. Christian Dior was very familiar with the plants, so for his perfume he chose only exceptional quality and purest aromatic plant extracts. It was not just quality, but extremely luxurious quality. Dior perfume are fourth in the world in terms of sales. In 1948 Dior fashion house became a Haute Couture fashion house and started to create products of different categories – clothing, ties, socks, fur coats, jewellery and perfume. In 1957, after a sudden fashion

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