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Throughout Hollywood’s history, there have been several great fashion designers. One of these designers is Edith Head. She had a very long and illustrious career that lasted from 1927 to 1981, and she inspired numerous fashion trends based on her costume designs. As the head designer for both Universal and Paramount, she also worked on several popular films including Roman Holiday, Sabrina, and The Sting. Edith Head was very secretive about her childhood and would often lie about it when questioned during interviews (Jorgensen, 13). Edith Head was born Edith Claire Posner on October 28, 1897, in San Bernardino to Max Posner and Anna Levy. When her mother, married her stepfather, Frank Spare, the three of them moved from mining town to…show more content…
She got her start by applying for a sketch artist job at Paramount Studios working with Howard Greer. The only reason why Head acquired the job was due to the fact she lied during her interview, borrowing sketches done by some of her classmates at Chouinard Art School and displaying them as her own. Greer recounted in his autobiography that he only hired her because he was, “struck dumb with admiration for anyone possessed of such diverse talents” (Flatow). However, Head admitted what she did and was still given the job. She worked her way up to designer, by first handing pins to seamstresses then, after to improving her sketches, designing and selecting clothes for various B movies (Flatow). Edith Head did not require an education geared toward fashion, however, in 1923, she did attend art classes from Otis Art School and Chouinard Art School. It was during her time at Chouinard she met a classmate’s brother, Charles Head. On July 25, 1923, she married Charles and became Edith Head. Head did not have a good relationship with her husband because he was an alcoholic. This led her to look for a summer job in 1924, to help support her husband. The job she acquired was a sketch artist job at Paramount Studies, which started her on her career. Edith Head is best known for designing several iconic costumes for popular films. She was known for creating classic looks, tailored suits and gowns, and would add slight embellishment

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