The Fashion Media: Selling High Status, Highly Sexual Fantasies

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Fashion media constantly and consistently create, and promote a lifestyle to its viewers. More often than not, it is concerned with the selling of an idea of an ‘ideal life’ and creating an image of a desired lifestyle in the viewer’s minds. It plays a vital role in shaping the viewers’ identities, notions and norms about ethnicity and race, sexuality, class distinction, and self-image amongst other things. In their work, Rhodes and Zuloaga (2012) have pointed out that fashion media describes a spectrum of identity, unified in a general type of signifiers—young women, high status, high sexuality—and through the constant repetition and variation of images on these themes serve to create this identity spectrum. "It is important to remember …show more content…
The narrow colour palette and metallic textures in the images signify a modern take and a futurist and Avant-garde appeal. The predominance of the colour blue denotes a sense of coolness, and excitement along with trust (for the brand) while the concrete and glass buildings and a modern city skyline in the background denotes a fast paced life. "The Fall Collection was all about urban athleticism—this idea that to live in a city today, you need the speed of an athlete and a wardrobe that can keep up." (Kors, 2013) The campaign images demonstrate the luxurious lifestyle of the passengers and denotes their status and means of being able to commission people. The representation of the models as powerful, young people of means throws some light on themes of pluralism and elitism and their definitions of power.

In a wider sense, elitism can be defined as the concentration of power among the people at the top of the spectrum. According to the theory, these people are rich, intellectual and high-class, and therefore, they automatically are privileged and powerful. With a stress on material power, the elitist theory differentiates between people based on their status and possessions. It could be further explained by saying that ‘elite’ people, that usually form a small group within society, are people who have the luxury and resources of living a high standard of life. In other words, according to the theory,
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