The Fast Food Industry : An Analysis Of The Fast Food Industry

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The Industry
The fast food industry came about quite some time ago in the 1900’s. McDonalds is the largest fast food chain in the world and started it all before any other quick service restaurant. The McDonald brothers opened their fast food chain in 1948 and they had several chains soon after. KFC was already a restaurant in the United States, but after McDonalds changed the fast food industry KFC started to adapt its style and speedy cooking techniques and changed its ways along with many other places catching onto the trend. The quick service industry that has been around for nearly 100 years now is still in the growing stage of its lifecycle. The business style has added new restaurants that are apart of serving food to people on the run, incorporating the drive-through and changing the menu to be healthier over the years. The quick service industry is always open and serves it customers at all hours of the day, no matter what time of the year. There are many places that have opened up since McDonalds, making the fast-food industry very large with many competitors among them all. To keep up to date the restaurants have to have updated technology to be able to serve its customers the quickest, along with having top notch technology and health code regulations. Porters five forces all take part with this industry, the threat of new industry, competitive rivalry, buyer power, supplier power, and threat of substitutions. These have always been apart of the industry and will
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