The Fast Food Industry

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As general prices have risen and wages have fallen consumers have changed their spending habits in particular food. This has lead fast food joints to profits, proving that there is an upside to our low economy Today's industry faces high real-estate prices and highway strips teeming with fast-fooleries, there is now one restaurant for every 2,700 Americans, compared with one for every 7,000 in the late 1970s (Clark). Chains have been branching out into sports arenas, airports, hospitals, colleges, turnpike stops, mall food courts, kiosks, airline in-flight meal services and even zoos. Although critics would argue that fast food has caused an unhealthy society, it is important for society to acknowledge the positive aspects of the fast food…show more content…
Just like any other company, fast food companies’ goals are to maximize profits; they are not likely to provide food which increases their cost, and they do not have the responsibility to keep their consumers healthy.
McDonald's, Burger King, and other fast food franchises are not in business to keep America healthy. They provide to what makes the majority of Americans happy-greasy, unhealthy comfort food that serves as a treat to some and an everyday staple to others. Yet, just like any other substance, Americans need to know their consumption restrictions; they need to stop blaming the fast food companies for failure to take care of their own bodies. The increase in fast food industry leads to an increase in gym membership.
Nobody can resist the smell of juicy burgers with French fries served with an icy coke. Consumers are concerned about their weight, however, there are gyms waiting for them to sign up. There is a win- win situation. Fast food companies attract their consumers in any way to sell their food, which may lead more people joining the gym. From a business view, this benefits the fast food company, and also in the long run boosts the gym industry. Fast food companies play a huge role in the health industry. The reason why fast food companies are successful is because of their strong marketing strategy.
Have you ever wondered why fast food chains have branches practically
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