The Fast Food Industry : The Dangers Of Food

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Food industries trick he/she into buying their food by using words that sound healthier. Words like ''natural'' sound better, but natural is still a chemical made in a lab. Fast foods are not completely honest with the ingredients they use. We eat foods that say fat-free but fat hasn't been the problem with weight gain; it is sugar. Food Industries use more sugar or sweetener to make food taste better when they remove fat. The fat-free product causes the consumer to eat more because he or she may think it is ok too, but it is far worse to eat. Eating so much sugar can lead to high blood pressure and more health problems. The dangers of fast food can lead to significant weight gain, health problems, and more money spendings.

“Every day in the United States, nearly 200,000 people are sickened by foodborne disease, 900 are hospitalized, and fourteen die. . . . Most of these cases are never reported to the authorities or adequately diagnosed. The widespread outbreaks that are detected . . . represent a small fraction of the number that occurs.’’ (Schlosser Eric) Fast food causes health problems with the heart all the way to the liver. The sugar in all fast food can raise blood pressure, which can create a stork. Hamburger noodles and fries contains a lot of salt/ sodium, and we eat those products every day. Sodium causes high blood pressure; high blood pressure leads to heart failure that can cause your heart to stop any second. Eating fast food is very hard to stop, due
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