The Fast Food Restaurant Mcdonalds

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The fast food restaurant McDonalds and a Walmart Super Center were selected for the observations for the following reason: I engage in this service almost every day, therefore, this sphere seems very familiar. I was not overly impressed with either company. However, both of them are convenient and inexpensive so they end up being my choice on a daily basis. Besides, in the conditions of tough competition, the managers of fast food restaurants are forced to imply more and more refined strategies to attract new customers and succeed in business. It is valuable to observe which strategies give the best results and which fail to provide the expected outcome.

In some service encounters, the company approaches the customer with the most basic of all customer service questions: “What do you want or need?” The customer replies with equal simplicity, “I want your product X.”
Your company’s service focus should be clear:
Get the customer’s order right, also get it right the first time to improve customer quality.
Campaigns to accomplish are widespread and easy to spot. “Do It Right, Zero Defects, and Six Sigma Quality” are all good examples of slogans companies use to focus their employees on getting the basics right, first time to improve customer service quality. The service must be streamlined and standardized in every way to improve service quality. Companies that consistently succeed in this undertaking earn their approval in the market as reliable suppliers. This…
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