The Fast Food Restaurant Essay

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I shut down my speeder and pulled my helmet off, freeing my hair to fall back down to my shoulders. I sauntered into the fast food restaurant that doubled as a pretty popular hangout spot for some local school kids. I waited for the second rate and pretty much broken ordering machine to roll up to me, clunking every inch of the way. "What would you like today?" the bot said to me with it 's human-like faux happy voice. It was too fake; nobody in this world would or could be that happy working this job. As I completed and set my order and leaned back in the booth bench my comm buzzed. I hit accept transmission and set the comm in my ear. Big mistake. Right as I set it in, a familiar voice boomed into my ear. "OHMYGOD TAL, GIRL ARE YOU OK," Hope practically screamed through the comm. I ripped the comm from my ear and it clattered onto the ground. One or two heads turned towards me, but my actions were mostly drowned out by the noise of the crowd in the building. I lifted the comm back to my head, adding a little distance this time. "Jesus Hope, be a little louder why don 't you?" I sarcastically replied. "You know what? I will! What you just did was insane! I can 't believe you! You know what, hold on I 'm pulling into the parking area right now so that I can kick yo ass in person, and that other guy you were following too!" I 'm glad I added that distance between my head to the comm. The words blinked 'Call Terminated ' and the comm screen went back to sleep. I feel like I
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