The Fast Food Restaurant Restaurants Essay

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c. KFC doesn’t have an English only policy. Like any other Fast food Restaurant KFC restaurants has also multicultural employees. Customers are also multicultural as well. Abu had employees from Mexico, Salvador Guatemala, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, Lebanon, White and Black. There were four different languages speakers: 1. English 2.Spanish, 3. Arabic and 4.Nepalese. February 2013 first time at Training Store #208.Bin Mahtab told me that told me that he is from Bangladesh and he does not want anyone speak to him in Bengali (Bangladeshi native language). From Original complain number 7. In the middle of April, about two weeks after Abu began to work there # 250 during a visit Bin Mahtab told Abu that, “I don’t like to work with Bengali (Bangladeshi) people because they always ask for favors and actually they are a bunch of Donkeys and I don’t even associate with them.” He also told Abu not to speak to him in Bengali with Mosammot Yeasmin (Bengali cashier) in the store at all not even on their meal break. In numerous occasions, he referred Abu as a Bengali donkey and reminded how he felt about Bangladeshis and speaking Bengali. He did mention that around other employees. Abu asked him about Hispanic employees speaks Spanish amongst each other and with Abu all day long, “can they do that”? He replied, “Yes, I have no problem, Spanish is a major Language. Abu is not fluent in Spanish but in order to communicate with some Spanish only employees and Customers he did that in
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