The Fast Lane Infrared Bubble Toy Helicopter

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1. Introduction
Engineers adapt engineering design process to plan as well as consider different relevant variables in different design stages in order to create a pragmatic product. Also, according to Ertas (1996), the engineering design is defined as the decision making process in different scientific ways to meet desired needs within stated objectives. A good designer who should take into account in different design issues and relevant factors during the process of engineering design which can help to put concepts and ideas into products in effective ways.
In this essay, I would like to choose a toy called ‘The Fast Lane Infrared Bubble Helicopter’ to talk about three factors that might affect the conceptual design, the preliminary design or the detailed design.
This essay mainly divides into five parts. They are the introduction, safety factors, economic concerns, human factors and ergonomics as well as conclusion.

2. Safety Factors
Safety factor is one of the important factors that we should consider in engineering design process especially for toy industry. According to Ng Tyson (2014) lecture 7, failure to meet the safety requirements, regulations and standards may cause serious result in lawsuits for damage under the product liability laws. Also, brand names would be seriously affected by the issue. Therefore, design engineers must consider the above consequences seriously. They must pay attention to minimize safety issues and the threat of litigation in

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