The Faster-Personal Narrative

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The coughing started immediately after I pulled my mouth away from the bong. Dillon was standing next to me holding the lighter and laughing his ass off. He grabbed the bowl and packed another one, there was no way I was gonna be able to handle this one. I wasn't even supposed to smoke that night. I came to the party 4 shots deep after killing a bottle of gatorade mixed with Grey Goose that I had stolen from my parents liquor cabinet. They didn't care if i drank as long as i was safe but they were hesitant about letting me have the good booze, that stuff i still had to sneak. I grabbed the lighter way from Dillon and ripped the entire thing, cause mama didn't raise a quitter. next thing I know I'm hanging over the back fence coughing out…show more content…
one of the boys I didn't know very well. Justin, the guy I’d only spoken to a few time, hopped in the front seat of the Uber with half a case of Coors Light. about 5 minutes into the drive he turns to us and offers us a beer, and after declining he turns to the uber driving and ask her if she’d like one. In disbelief she stumbles through the words “oh, no thanks”. Just proceeds to crack a beer open and have it spray all over the Uber. The Uber driver flips out and starts screaming at justin. Me being faded off my dome starts laughing my ass off, but things get pretty serious when the uber driver grabs the bear and throws it out the window. The car ride was silent after that. After arriving at the El Rey, we get out if the Uber and Justin immediately cracks a beer right in front of the entire line of people. I freak out that we’re gonna get in trouble and I take of westwards on Wilsher. I had to call my mother to come pick me up while she was at my brothers homecoming football to come pick me up. As i sat down at an ihop at near Cloverdale and Wilsher, my head was racing, i thought i was going to die. the waiter came over and asked what i wanted to eat, i told him i wanted fudge brownie pancakes as i buried my head into my hands know the coming storm that was sweeping down the canyon was
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