The Fastest Growing Group Of Entrepreneurs In America Summary

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The encouragement and abundance of entrepreneur mentality is vital for any economy to achieve financial stability and capital growth. Entrepreneurship adds jobs to the economy and diversifies business by creating more companies and thus increasing competition. Business competition is necessary for an economy to be successful because it forces fair prices and employee rights. In “The Fastest-Growing Group of Entrepreneurs in America” Amy Haimerl presents the rising numbers of women entrepreneurs in America and the reasons why women are leaving corporate America. In Haimerl’s Fortune article she focusses on the rise of African American women business owners. Since 1997 there has been a dramatic increase in the number of businesses owned by…show more content…
This article focussed on the skills needed to be a business owner similar to those of the 21st century manager that we discussed in class. The 21st century manager must be equipped to deal with a businesses basic needs and possess the ability to lead similar to the skills that are taught at the Build Institute that the article credited as vital key to entrepreneur success. The ability to lead change is a quality we covered extensively in class because to successfully manage a business you must be a good leader. A successful business manager must be open to and able to prepare their employees for advances in technology and motivate their employees to reach their own goals as well as the companies as learned in Chapter…show more content…
Women especially being entrepreneurs is interesting because they suffer the most from Corporate America’s discriminative policies. Some may say that there is no wage gap and that inequality in business isn't a problem anymore, however even though there has been considerable progress in the rights of employees, wages, and policies there is still great improvement to be made for majorities and minorities both. Women entrepreneurs alone since 2007 have created 340,000 jobs in America’s economy. That amount of growth provides stability for an economy and allows diversified business. Increasing the number of businesses in America also increases the amount of business competitive meaning that the more businesses there are the more likely they are to compete with each other thus sparking lower prices, fair employment policies and benefits, and more drive in business big and small. people should educate themselves on business management and develop themselves as entrepreneurs to benefit not only them but their society and economy as a

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