The Fat Tax Should Not Cure Obesity

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The fat tax in America, an attempt to improve the obesity epidemic using the legislature. The fat tax will not cure obesity in America. One idea is it will be used as an incentive to help improve the eating habits of Americans. The revenue collected can be used to enhance education as well as implement programs to teach healthy life style tips such as exersice and even implamenting gyms in placeces like community centers, another suggestion is to reduce cost of healthy foods using some of the tax money. As a result of the healthier habits of the population Medicare and Medicade may be less stressed resulting in less expenses, this could lead to less government debt as well as a healthier population. The percentage of obece adultes dobled in the last therthy years and obisty in children tripeled the cost of obesty anuly is 100 bilion dolers According to Hellen Evans the author of Healthier food in shopping centers could change bad habits; when asked if the government should impose a fat tax she said yes, but she also stated “that the a fat tax on its own is too simplistic and we should focus on understanding and chancing people’s behavior.” (Evans, 2012). Meaning you can not just put a tax on food and expect people not to eat it the poulatoin has to want to be helthy but giving them a insentive to do so by making the helthy option more acsesable will help form helthy habits. According to the opostion the fat tax could be a unfair because it will effect low income

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