The Fatal Flaws of the Calamitous Characters of William Shakespeare´s Romeo & Juliet

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There are many different types of trees, each one just a little different to the next. Some are ugly, some are tall, some do not contain any leaves at all. The human personality also holds many branches that live, each dissimilar from the next, each with a separate function that it gives. When all of the leaves are viewed from afar, the combined image is spectacular, but when observed from up close, the flaws are gaping, and even gross. The human personality works the same, for at first glance people are flawless, but when examined deeper and more personally, it can be seen how these flaws define who a person really happens to be for the worst. One sickly imperfection can slowly kill a whole tree, just like one hideous trait can ruin a…show more content…
This example only gives the audience a teasing taste for what is about to happen as a result of Tybalt’s short temper. Fast forwarding to act three, Tybalt’s impulsive behavior is far more drastic and impactful to the play this time around. At the town square of Verona, Tybalt and his compatriots run into Mercutio and Romeo. Still infuriated by Romeo’s presence at his family’s ball, Tybalt decides to vent his anger by challenging Romeo to battle him. When Romeo backs away, Mercutio steps in and fights with Tybalt. After a while of fighting, the distressed Romeo steps in to break it up, but, “Tybalt, reaching under Romeo’s arm, stabs Mercutio and flees” (3.1.82). Mercutio announces that, “I am hurt” (3.1.83), and eventually dies. After witnessing his friend be slaughtered, Romeo seeks revenge on Tybalt, and subsequently slays the murderer of his best friend. As a result of Romeo’s actions, the inamorato is banished to Mantua. When putting the pieces together, the audience watching the play can see how Tybalt, and not Romeo, is responsible for the banishment. Romeo was simply seeking to avenge the life of his friend, while Tybalt’s actions were a direct result of violent thinking. Tybalt’s choice to fight and kill one of the play’s main characters highlights the high degree of his vicious personality. Tybalt’s actions end up dooming the peaceful partnership of Romeo and Juliet and thus the outcome of the play takes a turn for the
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