The Fate Of The War

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Fate is considered as the development of events beyond a person 's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power. The Greeks believed that fate controls the course of a man 's life as well as a nations life.They also believed that after fate made a decree there was nothing you could possibly do to change this. Fate was depicted as the most powerful force in the poem therefore not even the gods could change what was already decreed. Achilles and Hector were both controlled by the powerful force as well as the outcome of the war. Through out the poem the fate of these individuals are learned and made clearer. There was nothing either could have done to overcome or change their fate. Both men were fated to die in the poem. When it came to the fate of both men Achilles had the upper hand because his mother was Thetis who was a god and knew the will of Achilles fate before his birth. Therefore she informed Achilles of his fate before he left for Troy. "My mother Thetis, a moving silver grace, Tells me my two fates sweep me on to my death. If I stay here and fight, I’ll never return home, But my glory will be undying forever. If I return home to my dear fatherland My glory is lost but my life will be long”(225). By looking at this we can see that Thetis made Achilles believe he was given a double fate which was really not the case. It is understood why she did this, no mother would inform their child that they have no say on what will happen to them and regardless
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