The Fate Of Their Country : Politicians, Slavery Extensions, And The Coming Of Civil War

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The author of “The fate of their Country: Politicians, Slavery Extensions, and the coming of Civil War”, Michael F. Holt has several very good points about the reasons why the Civil War happened. Now I am going to explain why he thinks that slavery is the main issue of the conflict between the North and South. Why did Texas have such a pivotal role in the struggle between states? Why was the Wilmot Proviso politically dangerous? What occurred in Kansas and why did things go do wrong? And what is the importance of the Dred Scott decision? Hold disagrees that the political decisions made between 1846 and 1858 were the reason that increased the local aggression prior to separation and Civil War. The long accumulated mistrust, fear and hatred that led Southerners and Northerners to war against each other was neither because of the whole cloth, nor because of the simple products of the proven differences between the social and value systems of the North and South. Rather, Hold states that those hatreds between the two sides were created by political actions on slavery-related issues. According to Holt: “attempts to resolve the secession crisis foundered on the question of slavery 's future expansion into southwestern territories, where it did not exist, rather than on its guaranteed perpetuity in the southern states, where it already did” (p. 4). By this logic, the Civil War was caused by an abstraction rather than by an actual problem. Although the author is not directly…
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