The Fate of Their Country Essay

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Zubair Farooq,
27th November 2012.

“The Fate of Their Country”
Michael F. Holt.

"To locate the most direct causes of the American Civil War," he contends in the preface, "one must look at the actions of governmental officeholders in the decades before that horrific conflict." Professor Michael F Holt needs no introduction among historians. He is single handedly regarded as one of the scholars who is most responsible for the emergence of what some call a neo-revisionist interpretation and outlook about the origins and circumstances that resulted in the Civil War. His ideas which are reflected throughout his books especially “The Fate of their country” emphasize that the reasons which caused The Civil War
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Holt Places blame and sheds light on partisan politics over sectional differences are the driving force between the division and cause of conflict among the politicians which drove these conflicts to catch fire and to become state and ultimately nationwide. Holt states that the Whig-party Democrats and politicians were always maneuvering for a short term political and personal gain for the benefit of their beneficiaries. However this came at a great cost and while these politicians were perusing personal goals they completely choose to overlook that these small short term gains came as the expense of the fate of the nation. These policies were not only damaging the nation as a whole but also served to widen the discontent and gap between the South and the North. I found Holt’s outlining and calling them “Janus-faced” which represented the political stances of the Southern Whigs during the course of this period as fascinating.

Holt does make a powerful case however, and even though I’m not very well versed in politics or the workings of the congress, I still do pride myself to have information about the process by which legislature takes place. Holt labels The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 as the “most consequential piece of

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