The Fate of Uninsured Veterans

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Policy Analysis Paper The fate of uninsured Veterans: A policy Analysis University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing Define the problem and assemble the evidence Too many Veterans in the United States lack health insurance and are ineligible to receive care provided by the Veteran’s Health Administration. According to American Community Survey (ACS) conducted in 2010, one in 10 of the nation’s 12.5 million veterans under the age of 65 is uninsured. A veteran is defined by federal law as any person who served for any length of time in any military service branch. Contrary to the presumption of most, not all veterans qualify for free healthcare through the Department of Veteran Affairs. The Veterans Health…show more content…
This finding is comparable to deaths resulting from Diabetes, stroke, or homicide among this same age group in 2001. The authors found from their research using similar methodology that a 140 percent increase in the death rate has occurred when compared to the IOM’s earlier figure. Wilper, Woolhandler, Lasser, et al. (2009) reports being uninsured raises an individual’s odds of dying by 40 percent. In the United States, 44,798 deaths occur each year among the uninsured with 2, 266 of those deaths being preventable among non-elderly veterans. That number amounts to six preventable deaths a day among the Veteran population. Constructing the Alternatives Tolbert, Ebeler and Schwartz (2008) report general agreement that the growing problem of the uninsured is one that is of great public concern. There is a general agreement that the problem of the uninsured needs to be addressed but there is little to no consensus as to how best to expand coverage. A wide range of policies targeting every segment of the healthcare system has been suggested as potential strategies for broadening coverage. These strategies differ in terms of their scope. Some seek change in increments while others suggest total system redesign. Some would focus only on the uninsured while others would promote coverage for all Americans. They also offer different mechanisms for achieving coverage expansions. Affordable Care Act The Affordable Care Act (ACA),
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