The Father And Founder Of Client

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The father and founder of “Client” centered therapy, Rogers wrote books on the subject of listening to his patients, and allowing them to determine the rate of treatment on their own time line. Rogers was the first to use the term client, instead of the patient, and his “people centered theories” were groundbreaking at the time they were introduced. The quote to me; speaks to the soul of human beings. Not only to the very soul of humans, but the soul of nature itself. That life itself is a process that we all must go through. As I grow older (I am not what you would call a traditional student!) I understand this quote more and more. Not just in terms of therapy, in terms that are much broader. I can think of several examples that resonate with me. When we are younger, we feel that we are going to live for a long time and nothing can hurt us. We believe that we are “bullet proof”. We think that nothing can touch us, that we can do crazy things, jump out of airplanes, and ski down mountains that nobody else will. We think, all of the horrible things that could happen will happen to somebody else not to us. As our process of aging continues, we start to see through the rose colored glasses of our youth. That people like us can die, they can get hurt and have bad things happen to them. This experience happens to some people sooner than to others. Sometimes high school kids do crazy things and end up severely injured or killed. When other high school students see this,
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