The Father Hunt

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I read The Father Hunt, by Rex Stout. This is a mystery book about two detectives trying to find the father of Amy Devovo and who killed her mother in a hit-and-run murder. The novel begins with Amy Devovo coming to one of the detectives, Archie Goodwin, to tell him she wants to find her father. Goodwin is willing to help but knows it will cost more money than what she has. She says she has the money from checks that her father left her which makes her want to know her dad even more. I though The Father Hunt was an entertaining read for three reason. It has interesting characters, a good story line, and a pace that made you want to read more and more. I thought that there were many interesting characters in this story. The main one was Nero Wolf. Nero Wolf was the main detective in this book and did many interesting things. He would sit in his office for hours until he figured cases out. He also had a plant room that he would spend hours in just looking at plants and trying to learn about them. Another interesting character is Amy Devovo. She does not have any family that she knows of and her mother just died. She also had just come across many checks from her father and a letter from her mother who she later uses to try to find him by hiring Goodwin and Wolf. “There were just two thinks in it: money,…show more content…
Goodwin and Wolf were always thinking of something new to try to figure out with this case. The case of Amy Devovo was also interesting because it is not normal that she knew nothing about her family or about her mother even though she has lived with her mother her whole life. She did not even know her mother’s real name or that her father was sending her money. “This is money from your father. I have not seen or heard from him since months before you were born, by two weeks after you were born I received a bank check for one thousand dollars, and I have received one every month since
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