The Father Of Modern Advertising

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CJ Curran 11/14/16 20th Century Art History Professor Young The Father of Modern Advertising The early 20th century was a period of unparalleled change and industrialization. Advertising, in particular, began to take a hold in western society and made significant advances due to multiple factors including an influx of new jobs, developments in production, and increase in consumerism. While Albert Lasker and Thomas J. Barratt made important contributions to advertising, Leonetto Cappiello should be recognized as the father of modern marketing because he helped change the way that the advertising industry was perceived. Although the ad business was beginning to growing in the late 19th century it was still generally unrefined not a viable source of income. There was a general distrust of advertising, which lacked subtlety and creativity. Nevertheless, enterprising new industries were systematically searching every possible venue for a bigger revenue stream and edge over the competition. Although not a true marketer, Leonetto Cappiello virtually created the modern ad by effectively capturing the audience 's attention, creating a unique and clear template for ad composition, and most importantly developed branding. It took a true pioneer and upcoming artist to create a real, persuasive and commercial dialogue with the world. Leonetto Cappiello was born in 1875 in the seaport of Livorno on the Italian Riviera. It was an extravagant town with beautiful beaches, great views,
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