The Father Of Odin : The God Of God

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Odin sat in a throne above the earth where he could see all. He was protected by two ravens called Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory or mind). Odin was the god of war, death, wisdom and poetry as well as the sky god. He rode an eight legged horse named Sleipnir. If you died in battle, you would go to Odin’s hall: Valhalla. Odin’s wives are Frigg and Jord and his eldest son is Thor, the god of thunder.

Thor protected the homes of gods with his hammer that caused thunder and lightning. His symbol was an oak tree. Thor is red-haired and bearded. He is the god of thunder. Thor is the son of Odin and Jörd, and was one of the most powerful gods. it was said that he protected Asgard which was the home of the gods. Thor had sons Magni and Modi, and with Sif he also had a daughter called Thrud.


Vikings were pagans, which means they believed in many gods. Some of the gods most significant gods they believed in were Andvari-the guardian of treasures, Balder-Aesir god, Freya-the goddess of sex, Njord-the god of wind and sea, Odin- the god of war, Thor- the god of thunder and lighting, and many more.


Vikings believed that gods palaces were made of gold and silver. They also believed that there was a place, in the middle of the earth that was inhabited by giants. Although gods were amaing to the Vikings, and they believed they had magical powers, they still believed that the gods ooked just like normal people, they had flaws, and they had feelings like
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