The Father Of Sociology : Auguste Comte

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The father of sociology, Auguste Comte, the French philosopher and sociologist, studied a more deeper concept of studying society while excluding the morals of religion and its impact on society. Comte gave us the word sociology, Comte’s teachings make him an important individual to study and learn about because of his findings of society and on how its viewed. Comte went through many hardships and accomplishments in which formed Auguste Comte in being a contributor to society. Auguste Comte was born in January 19 of the year 1798 in Montpellier France, more specifically Comte was born during the French Revolution which greatly influenced him on his thinking. Comtes parents were strictly devoted catholics which later came into conflict because of his strong beliefs in building “a new kind of France”. In addition, Comte wanted to build a new kind of France based on his strong belief of science and republicanism. Life in school Comte was very intelligent, he excelled in teachings of mathematics and journalism while also studying economics, history, and philosophy. Later in life, Comte moved out to Paris and studied at L'Ecole Polytechnique in 1814 as a young man (, 2017). There he met “Henri de Saint Simon, a French social reformer and one of the founders of socialism” (, 2017). Both Comte and Saint Simon were utopian society thinkers on how they perceived their definition of society, Comte published political articles that were influenced by his

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