Essay on The Father-Son Relationship Depicted in Hesse's Siddhartha

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Fathers and sons have special bonds that connect them in a different way from other individuals. Although they may not expose much emotion, respect and honor are key factors that link their relationships. Siddhartha and his father had a certain understanding towards each other. Siddhartha loved, feared, respected and was patient towards his father; an equal amount of these traits were reciprocated with the addition of understanding.
Siddhartha was a proactive, self-sufficient young man. He quickly absorbed the Brahmin’s doctrine and decided he wanted to learn even more; he had to become a Samana. Of course, in order to make such a step he needed his father’s permission. When he first requested, his father rejected the idea and said
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It was then that his father understood that Siddhartha must leave, even if it pained him.
Siddhartha, however, did not understand his father’s perspective until he became a father. Siddhartha’s son was eleven when they first met and therefore they were unable to establish a strong relationship. His child was arrogant, hateful and spoiled; the exact opposite of himself. Siddhartha chose to counter this behavior only with love, and not with punishment or rebuke. His son quickly grew tired of this and fled from his father, hoping never to return. This left Siddhartha upset and wounded. Nevertheless, it was necessary for Siddhartha to experience such extreme loss to realize how he had affected his father. When he left his father, Siddhartha also instilled pain without realizing the result of his actions. Although this did not completely heal his wound, Siddhartha was able to chuckle at the irony of how his son acted exactly as he had; how events had a manner of working in circles. Siddhartha’s son’s actions revealed to him the pain he inflicted on his own father. They also made him remember the immense love and fear he has towards his father.
Siddhartha’s relationship with his father was one that should be cherished. Fathers and son of the present should strive to have open, understanding relationships. Sons should show a deep respect for their fathers, both directly and by all of their actions. Both the father’s and son’s reputations can be judged by how the son
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