The Father 's Influence : ' The Kite Runner '

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Juan Benitez Mrs.Desousa EN200 2/6/2017 The Father 's Influence In the Kite Runner, Amir’s biggest flaw is his jealousy of Hassan and how his jealousy turned into action. His jealousy manifested into anger and many other emotions. It is also an important aspect that he kept that feeling inside of him for years without telling a single person. The more you keep a feeling inside of you the more in manifests inside and the longer it stays in your head the more time it eats you up. This feeling serves as a reason for Hassan’s sins and motivates him to do the things that he does. His sense of wanting for Baba 's approval also came from this aspect. Amir has always wanted to be like Hassan was to his father at a young age. It is this feeling of…show more content…
I lifted Hassan’s mattress and planted my new watch and the handful of afghan bills under it”(Hosseini 104). This passage from the novel shows how Amir 's jealousy of Hassan had reached a breaking point to an extent where he setup Hassan to leave Baba’s house which would ultimately led to his death at the end of the novel. These actions greatly exemplify Amir’s jealousy turning into action identifies as his greatest sin. Although Amir’s sins seem harsh and cruel, Amir makes an effort to try to make things right. His catalyst for trying to make these actions and inactions right is to save Sohrab, Hassan 's son, and take him back to america. It was a long journey but he ended up being successful. Due to Hassan’s death the last thing Amir could do to try to redeem himself is to save Sohrab from the Taliban and take him back to america. Also this last chance given by Rahim Khan motivates Amir to make things right as he finally has chance to redeem himself of his mistakes of the past and possibly cure this inner jealousy within him hidden inside of him from all these years, Even of the sins committed by Amir, in the end he ends up redeeming himself and forgiving himself for what he did to Hassan as he was a child. The actions he did to redeem himself greatly exceed the sins he has done to Hassan as a child. Amir risking his life for a
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