The Fault Of Our Gmo Labeling Law

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Fawaz Halloum English 101 3 June 2017 The fault in our GMO-labeling law It seems as though our modern society have an indispensable desire for labeling. People are labeled by their religious views, political tendencies, wealth and even by race. Everything gets a label nowadays. No one and nothing is safe from labeling, not even your groceries. For over a decade people have been calling for labeling GMO products. GMO is acronym for ‘Genetically modified organisms.’ Through advanced bioengineering technologies, new genes are introduced to seeds, for improved productivity or to provide the crops with resistance to pesticides, among many other possible genetic modifications. After years of congress reluctance on the matter, and state level…show more content…
“Regulations prescribing the labeling of bioengineered food must: prohibit a food derived from an animal from being considered bioengineered solely because the animal consumed feed produced from, containing, or consisting of a bioengineered substance.” ( Bill S. 764). According to this clause, GMO- fed meat, fish or chicken, and other products that comes from animals like milk, cheese, egg and butter will not have to be labeled. In fact, this also excludes ultra- refined products that is derived from GMO products, like soy oil, canola oil, even corn syrup, after its refined and distilled from the genetically modified organisms. Moreover, the USDA will decide the threshold of GMO percentage, below which labeling will not be required. The bill failed to set a clear punishment or penalty for non-compliance and or violation of the law. “The Secretary shall have no authority to recall any food subject to this subtitle on the basis of whether the food bears a disclosure that the food is bioengineered.” (Bill S.764). In other words, there is no set consequences in case of any failed attempt to disclose GMO existence in any product, on top of exempting restaurants serving GMO food form disclosure as well. As a result of the vague phrasing of the law, and lack of consequences for disobedience of the law; there will be a lot of GMO products that will go unlabeled, and

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