The Fault Of Our Stars By John Green Essay

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The fault in our stars is written by John Green, a popular American writer and vlogger. The novel is narrated by Hazel Grace Lancaster, a sixteen year old cancer patient. Her parents force her to attend a Support group so she can make “friends”. Hazel gets more than a friend from the support group. She befriends a 17 year old called Augustus Waters, the guy she ends up falling in love with. Augustus Waters really inspired me throughout the novel. He was a very strong character who had a positive outlook on life, even though he had cancer and consequently had to get his leg amputated to stop the cancer from spreading, ruining his dreams of becoming a basketball star. Augustus also always put others before himself, for example he went to the support group originally to help and support his friend Isaac, who was soon to be undergoing surgery that would consequently make him blind. Augustus is a selfless character, he puts others needs before his own. Augustus uses his cancer wish to take Hazel to Amsterdam so they could meet the author of her favourite book Imperial Afflictions. He went there knowing his cancer had come back but he went anyway postponing any treatment because he cared for Hazels best interests more than his. He knew Hazel would never get another opportunity to go overseas due to her health. Another time Augustus showed selflessness was before he met Hazel. He was dating a girl named Caroline Mathers who passed away with a brain tumour while they were still

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