The Fault in Our Stars

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The Fault in Our Stars Is suffering necessary in our daily lives? Why do we have to suffer, why is it a part of our lives? These questions were always in the back of my mind while reading the novel The Fault in Our Stars. It is a tragic love story about two teenagers, who are both cancer recipients and their journey to falling in love. The two protagonists were constantly dealing with the theme of suffering. In the novel, the author John Green uses his protagonists Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters to develop the theme of ‘the necessity of suffering’ as he writes these characters to undergo the feelings of pain and suffering. John Green uses the character of Hazel Grace to explore the theme ‘the necessity of suffering’ by…show more content…
Augustus also says “that’s the thing about pain [...] it demands to be felt” (Green, 63). The author must be a sad person because I could emotionally feel how the characters were feeling, and it appears as if Green provides a lot of insight through Augustus’ perspective about pain and sadness. I was able to connect this story to a movie, My Sister’s Keeper. Hazel is like the character Anna in the movie because they were both affected directly by the illness that is cancer. In Anna’s case, her parents’ conceived her because her older sister had cancer and Anna was to donate her organs. Hazel on the other hand, is a recipient of cancer. In conclusion, John Green uses the characters of Hazel and Augustus to portray the theme of ‘the necessity of suffering’. This novel has changed my perspective of terminal illnesses. Before reading the novel, I was not quite away of what it was like to live with an illness as severe as cancer, yet still carrying on with a normal lifestyle. Also, I was able to achieve insight about society’s view about cancer patients. Since Green has not ended the novel stating whether Hazel lives or dies, he stated in an interview that it was up to the readers to create Hazel’s ending with their imagination. I predict that Hazel will pass away. Her cancer was very severe and there were hints about Hazel becoming weaker. I would definitely recommend this book as it was an enjoyable, yet heart

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