The Fault in Our Stars Reflective Response Essay

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The Fault in our Stars Reflective Response People have a wide range of philosophies and beliefs on how they should live their lives. The anticipated approach in which they should confront their fears, their challenges, and their daily decisions varies greatly from the true outcomes. Many people are hopefully to become the idea of greatness they envision and Gus being a romantically oriented person obsessed over the idea of becoming Hazel’s knight in shining armor. Learning of his impending death put him in the same position as Hazel. He could now understand the psychological effects of living life on the true edge, not knowing what the next day will bring for yourself or those around you. In his letter, Gus takes on a tone of disparity …show more content…
The indecisiveness and confusion that Gus has at the time of writing his letter is a universal response to insecurity and hopelessness. In many situations of bleakness I myself have been torn between making the instinctual protective decision or the ethical response in which others are spared of impairment. It is unclear what the right course of action is in order to benefit both yourself and others, but in terms of personality I feel that I compare closely to what Gus tries to be. I know that he wants to be a good person that works for the benefit of others, but at the same time his own hopes influence his actions so that he can be seen as a martyr. After sorting through his thoughts Gus finally decides that making a difference is Hazel’s life is the most important thing that he can do in his limited time. By adopting and living her ideas he provides her a sense of unity with him even after he is gone. Gus’ letter reveals more than just about his own internalizations. His thoughts give secondary support to Hazel’s and maintain relevance to the reader because of its universality. In terms of the novel Gus’ letter provides the reader with an applicable question to think about. Many people wonder if they’re making a difference in the world, but few people understand what it means to make a difference, but seeing things in a relatively unaltered view allows the reader to connect with the ideas, emotions, and thoughts

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