The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

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Hazel –Main character, has cancer, has to have an oxygen tank, likes Augustus from the start, semi-shy, and has a bit of a dark side, has a GED and goes to community college, but very smart and well put together, feels like she's a "grenade". Augustus- Bold, straight forward, a bit of a dark side to, Isaac’s friend, gorgeous, used to be athletic, hasn’t been to school in a year, lost half of his leg to cancer , Hazel’s Parents-wants hazel to make friends, very pushy, caring, loving , worried , scared to lose their daughter , father cries a lot, mother is the stability , supportive of Hazel and Gus, they just want to spend as much time as possible with her, very sympathetic when Augustus dies. Augustus parents They have…show more content…
Augustus with his amazing charisma as he calls it. Charms Hazel into being friends for now, and maybe more to come . As days pass they start to see each other more and more. Talking on the phone late at night, meeting each other's families. They even read one another's favorite books , which they both like. An Imperial Affliction, Hazel's book in particular to the point they quote it all the time. Rising action (example two)- Augustus starts talking to the author of Hazel's favorite book, Peter Van Houten. Mr. Van Houten replies and tells him that he appreciates his insight on his book. Soon Hazel gets his E-mail address and starts asking him questions she has about her forever unanswered questions. Mr. Van Houten replies of course but does not want to answer for the fear she might copy right it. So he invites Hazel and Augustus to his home in Amsterdam to tell them in person . To answer any questions they might have but they have to get there themselves. Climax- Augustus surprises Hazel by using his cancer wish to take her to meet Mr. Van Houten. They make their way to Amsterdam, but once they arrive they learn he's a cruel, drunken man. Mr. Van Houten starts to get a temper with Hazel, Augustus get protective and yells at him. Disappointed they still leave with unanswered questions but don't let it ruin their trip they make the most of what time they have left. By visiting the Anna Frank museum and going back to the

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