The Favorite Child

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A Father is one of the most important identity in our lives. He protects us from all kinds of dangers and troubles, provides us with anything or everything, unconditionally. He is a mentor, a role model and a figure who provides love and support to the whole family throughout his life. A father and a son have a very special bonding as the father has been in the same shoes and thus understands one’s emotion and need more than anyone else.
Growing up, I always wondered especially when it was the birthday month, if my father had more love for my sister compared to me. Whenever I would ask him the golden question he would tell me that if love could be quantified then his love for me and my sister was equal to the millionth digit. For someone who was known for his straightforwardness and honesty, his reply seemed only politically correct. My expectations for better treatment would rise every year as I grew up. I was living in a world of inferiority complex. In school my teachers would call students in front of the class and give them an opportunity to talk on a topic of choice with a motive to remove stage fright from children’s head and improving there elocution skills. As we were kids the most common topic was “My favorite person”. I always thought that everyone has a favorite person except for my father who had two favorite people ignoring the fact that my mother also had an equal percentage in the love distribution. If he was inexplicit, I was blatant but
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