The Fbi And Crime At The Beginning Of The 1930s

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The FBI is considered to be the nation 's premier law enforcement agency today. The

Federal Bureau of Investigation has come a long way since its establishment over 100 years

ago. The establishment of the Bureau was more of a political achievement rather than a

functional one. It was not well suited to enforce federal law in the United States, as it lacked

the professionalism it needed to be effective. As time passed, however, much needed changes

were made to the FBI to improve its function as a law enforcement agency. Of all the decades

that the FBI has seen, the 1930s is one of its most notable time periods. The 1930s was one of

the most important decades for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as the department

underwent a series of significant developments during this period which resulted in a greater

power over crime in the United States.

The FBI and Crime at the Beginning of the 1930s

At the the start of the 1930s, crime was on the rise in America. The Great Depression

was the major event that triggered this significant rise in the crime rate. The hard times brought

on by the Great Depression led many ordinary people to get involved in criminal activities in

order to survive (Brief). These illegal activities included bank-robbing, theft, murder,

racketeering, and many more. A new type of professional criminal emerged during the 1930s -

the American gangster. The FBI is well known for its investigations
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