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Introduction and background of the case
As a part of the FBI 's $581 million "Trilogy" program, the Virtual Case File (VCF) was a software application that intended to facilitate the case file management for FBI agents. VCF faced a vast array of trouble, finally convincing the Bureau to abandon the VCF project after years of development imposing $170 on US taxpayers.
VCF would have been a huge step in the improvement of the paper-intensive and outdated IT infrastructure for the FBI. VCF was designed to integrate modern desktop computers for in FBI offices: VCF 's goal was to develop a secure high-performance network and to provide a modern database for storing case information, allowing agents to manage and share data electronically.
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However, to become a fully networked organization, the FBI has to align its Information System with the unstable environment. The new case management system Sentinel is meant to bring this change. Learning from its failures with the VCF, the FBI now implements Sentinel in four phases. The FBI also has a more mature Enterprise Architecture that allows the FBI to change their organizational strategy in accordance to the Information System Strategy of Sentinel.
2.3. Ways to change the attitude of FBI agents
The new case management system Sentinel is supposed to assist FBI agents during their work. According to the CIO 's basic concept, Sentinel uses modern technology in order to facilitate an agent 's work effectively. Sentinel includes a set of tools that does cumbersome work for each agent. Therefore, the CIO hopes that agents will understand the efficiency of this technology and have a positive attitude towards it.
From theory we know that IS can add value to an organization. IS can enhance work at the FBI by collecting information that could not be collected any other way, by increasing the level and speed of communication and by offering a higher level of analysis of information. Unfortunately, integration of modern technology such as Sentinel includes major communication challenges. FBI agents are meant to work in virtual teams now. This contrasts with the FBI 's traditional hierarchical structure. From now on, agents have

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