The Fear Of Being Different

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Katiornie Pierre Louis
Professor George Grenfell
English 102
30 July 2014 The Fear Of Being Different Like stars on earth, the title of Taare Zameen Par movie, is giving us a new perspective view of dyslexia how children are being treated-to accept there is nothing wrong being different from everybody. The movie was about how a dyslexia boy was being lazy and troublemaker, and his dad would takes his time to find what was his problem in school. Gifted child were not acceptable in our society. Society is ready to judge people without even taking the time to get to know others better. Indian parents focus on their children being perfect rather accepting an imperfect child. The father of Ishaan was ashamed of Ishaan. Ishaan tried to figure out what he could have done differently. His mother tried to figure out what she could have done differently, too. Ishaan’s father was ashamed of Ishaan. How he always have something negative about everything he does. Ishaan’s father had something negative to say about everything ishaan did. Ishaan’s father could have treated him differently, and treated ishaan unfairly because he liked Raoul better. The mother could have done something differently about Ishaan’s behavior; she should have been more patient and curious about him. Ishaan’s father Nandkishore was focused on his sons’ success and he did not want to get to know them. He never asked
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