The Fear Of Black Male Sexuality

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Marquise Akbar The Fear of Black Male Sexuality in Baldwin’s Going To See The Man Schulman, Gary I. "Race, Sex, and Violence: A Laboratory Test of the Sexual Threat of the Black Male Hypothesis." American Journal of Sociology 79.5 (1974): 1260. Web. The potential for white men to violently express attitudes of racism is studied to determine if the white male finds the Black male sexually threatening and, if so, does this threat incite the proclivity for the white male to act violently. Shulman studied 84 white, male, freshman and sophomore students at UC Santa Barbara. According to the study, “The subjects are young, educated, white men from stable homes with no mental instability, whose values lean towards a liberal ideology. This experiment considers Koval’s psychoanalytic interpretation of white racism, based largely on the Oedipus complex and Skolnick’s belief that the conflict that fosters violent racism is a feeling of powerlessness and insecurity in whites. Schulman’s focus is to prove that a much larger population is inclined to violent expressions of racism, and that this inclination is partially based on the perceived sexual threat of the Black male. The experiment contrives a conflict requiring the subjects to choose between cheating on a given task, which prevents the victims from being shocked, or not cheating, thus shocking the victim The victims in the test conditions are a white male, a white male known to be sexually involved with a Black female, a
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