The Fear Of Death And Dying

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One of the most common fears is thanatophobia, the fear of death and dying. Perhaps that’s because the want to live is a natural instinct that controls human behavior; the fear of death is ancient and primal, permanently wired into our genetic programming. Scientists are experimenting with biotechnology more and more these days – many people hope to, one day, be able to live forever and avoid death completely. In fact, humanity has researched the concept of immortality quite thoroughly, albeit not enough for us to achieve it. Not yet, anyways.
I was tightly gripping the remote control in my hand, staring into the darkened television screen. The deuteragonist was still my favorite character, but after that plot twist... You can’t just kill him off like that! Not by taking a stab through the chest from his best friend, that’s just cruel! It’s not supposed to work that way! The lead isn’t allowed to kill the other characters, especially not the next most important one, who just so happens to be his childhood friend! I shakily set the control down. Sadly, character death was quite common in apocalyptic literature, and you’d think I’d have grown accustomed to it by now, judging from my love of the genre. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.
I leaned back on the brown leather recliner, futilely attempting to reach the state I was in before seeing that traumatizing event. Even though I’d only witnessed it through a screen, the killing still managed to unnerve me. I closed my eyes
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