The Fear Of Public Speaking

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I’ve always felt that public speaking is something that has come pretty natural to me. It was throughout high school and again in college that I realize not everyone felt the same way. I found that many people often dread public speaking. In college, it was really exemplified this first semester when I heard that many people had to take a course called Communications 103, which primarily focuses on writing and giving speeches. It didn’t take this course this semester, so all I knew about it was what I had heard through my peers. Some had a similar outlook on public speaking and said they didn’t mind having to give speeches, but others nearly had panic attacks leading up to them. It was this mixed opinion on speeches that made me question why this happens, if there is a way to alleviate the fear, and if a fear of public speaking is an actually thing.
In Ellysa Gonzalez’s journal article “Professional Speaker to Give Lecture at Tech about Public Speaking”, she explains how public speaking anxiety or the fear of public speaking, is a real thing. In trying to explain how exactly this fear exists, Gonzalez explains it is “partly because of the human need to feel accepted”. In the journal Gonzalez explains that this fear’s technical name is “glossophobia”. It is also “among the top five most common fears” (Gonzalez). After identifying that this is an actual fear driven by the possibility of one not being accepted by those around them. Gonzalez’s article goes on to

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