The Fear of Child Soldiers in 3rd World Countries

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Child Soldiers How would you feel if your child was forcibly abducted from your home to be a soldier, and back in return you got 5$? This is one of the biggest fears for families in third world countries. Children are being used as soldiers, servants , and slaves against their will. Child soldiers has become a highly debated issue, due to the high popularity of Joseph Kony. Child soldiers is unfortunately accepted usually because of the economic needs of families needs to survive in poverty. Child warfare is a big problem today in the world. This is a big problem because children are getting taken away from their families and just getting pulled into the war and have to kill or they get beaten or killed if they put the kids in the front line to get killed before the high ranks. In the world there are approximately 300,000 child soldiers around the world. About 40% of the child soldiers are in their countries rank in the military. 40% of them are girls. This mainly happens in Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan. This happens because the military does not want their high ranked soldiers to die, so they put the child soldiers in the front line to die before the high ranked soldiers die. Also if the children don’t kill in the battle they get beaten with batons and even get killed with guns, knives, or sticks. Then they get hung on a pole to show the people it’s a sign of glory to the people that kill them. The African officials are making the kids go through
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