The Fears Of Dentists With Pain

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Fear is natural but what isn’t natural is that people are afraid from improving their health due to unreliable reasons that are created from their imagination.
People have always been afraid from dentists, and that fear is growing larger every year. The fear driven by a number of factors that may relate to the person and their association of dentists with pain, or the fear of the sound of the machines caused by fears originating from childhood memories and other experiences in life. The fears of past hearings related to the dentists and their actions may be a reason for fear in the patients. The details of the study below aim at developing the story on the fears of dentists. It dwells on the various reasons why people fear dentists, the
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These have created fears in people and led to difficulties on gaining confidence to obtain dental care. Moreover, the human mind is much related to stimuli and responses based on the causes of the stimuli. Relating these to the experiment of Pavlov on the dogs and constant stimuli occasioned by the sound of a bell that indicated a time for food, one discovers the relationship of the thought of a visit to the dentist to the effect or the pain of it. (Coon, p.261). The conditioning of the mind to fear as a result of a visit to the dentist would result into a fear. Smell of the hospital accompanied by the sound of the machines used during the operation yield into fears for a number of patients. The common smell of drugs in the hospital causes fears in many people that make them fear the whole procedure. A sound produced by two equipments or machines used raise fear levels in some people.
In dealing with these fears, there is need to coordinate the causes with a professional approach to handling them based on those identified in each patient. These are part of the professional obligations of the dentists (Ozar & Sokol, p.15). Cause of fear differs from one patient to another, as well as the solution to it. These majorly deal with the alleviation of the fear. The fear normally grows further if the patient uses a dentist they may not
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