The Fears Of The Middle Of A Circle

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Unfounded Fears Though I had every reason to be happy and content, a terrible thought suddenly hit me while riding my bicycle on the blacktop and thinking about kindergarten starting the upcoming day. Overcome by intangible fears I stopped in the middle of a circle and began to sob. My parents rushed to comfort me and discover what could be wrong.
“I’m afraid to go to school,” I cried, “I 'm positive the principal will spank me!” Relieved that nothing was seriously wrong, they understood the importance of the problem to my little brain and were quick to reassure me. The following morning dawned, a crisp autumn day, I woke up excited, forgetting my tears from the night before. The bus came and my first noisy, confusing and intimidating bus ride came and went. Over the course of the ride I developed a fear of older kids that is with to me to this day for no other reason than that they are older.
Finally the bus arrived at school, and true to her pledge made before I left home my mom was waiting for the bus with other kindergartner’s parents.
Once inside the school, my kindergarten classroom was a chaotic mixture of students and parents grouped around pint-sized tables and chairs, or examining a garden of brightly-colored posters on the walls. After a bit I found my desk and sat down, and my mom helped me situate myself. As I acclimated to the noise level in the room I could hear crying. I turned around in my seat and found down the length of the room a girl sobbing as her
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