The Feasibility of Adding Alternative Fuel Vehicles to the Fleet

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Adding Alternative Fuel Vehicles to Lotus Rental Car In an effort to bring down the gasoline cost for his fleet, Lotus Car's Chief Financial Officer is looking at the possibility of adding alternative fuel vehicles to its fleet. To make a sound decision, she decided to hire a consultant firm that would review and determine if implementing the addition of alternative vehicles would benefit the company. By performing thorough research, the consultants will first perform a comparison between gas vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles. The consultant will then determine the advantages and disadvantages of adding alternative vehicles to Lotus Rental Car Company. Before the decision is made to add alternative-fuel vehicles to the Lotus…show more content…
Who knows, maybe in 10 years, we could actually look into the sky and see a brighter day. Hybrid vehicles are striking the scene in a positive way. They are becoming the choice vehicle for many buyers. Hybrids are fashionable in both style and status. With more consumers being focused on the ongoing problem of air pollution, it is not a surprise they are drawn to hybrid vehicle models (Why Hybrids are the vehicles of choice these days, n.d). Hybrids are easier on the environment as well as one's wallet. The fact that they are designed to be kind to the environment is getting the attention of many consumers, businesses and governments. The hybrid car is something of mixed origin or composition by definition. A hybrid vehicle is one that functions with the use of both gasoline engine and electric engine. The gasoline engine is smaller than conventional vehicles, allowing the electric motor to compensate with energy. A high-voltage battery charges the electric motor when the car is parked. The hybrid vehicles can be operated using either of the engines or both at the same time. Therefore, it uses less gas. Hybrids also offer a quiet ride. Many people purchased hybrid cars to save money from the increasingly high price of gasoline. As the cost of gas increases so does the demand on hybrid vehicles. Although

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