The Feasibility of Banana Peelings as Source of Vinegar

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The Feasibility of Banana Peelings as Source of Vinegar ABTRACT : The purpose of this study is find out if banana peelings could also be an alternative source of vinegar. This study could also identify what are the other nutrients that banana peelings have to make vinegar out of it. In order to launch the purpose of the study, the researcher made experiments regarding on how to make vinegar out of banana peelings. The researcher gathered all the materials needed to make this experiment. The result of this study is significant to the society because, as we could see, most of us just throw the peelings of the banana after eating. Instead of throwing it away, we could still make use of its peelings. The hypothesis of this study is…show more content…
Two cups of sugar to be mixed with the liquid. Four cups of water and fourty teaspoons of baker 's yeast. The last is two cups of vinegar starter. Procedure: First, slice a kilogram of banana peelings with a knife and a chopping board. Put it in a caserole, then add four cups of water, then boil it. Extract the juice of the banana peelings, decant and filter through clean and fine cloth. Add four cups of water, then put a half cup of sugar and pasteurize for 10-15 minutes at 60 degree celcius to 65 degree celcius. Transfer it into a sterilized container, half-filled. Let it cool, then add a half teaspoon baker 's yeast for every 8 cups mixture. Then, allow to ferment for 7-8 days. Pour it into another container to separate sediments. Add 1 cup of vinegar starter for every four cups liquid. Cover it with clean cloth. Allow to ferment at a normal room temperature for 2-3 weeks or until a sour odor of vinegar is attained. Then decant to separate the sediments. CHAPTER IV : RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS After performing the experiment base on the procedures using the materials above, after two weeks, a sour odor was attained. But it wasn 't that good odor. There should be an precise amount of the ingredients to be added. The yeast could kill bad bacteria in the experiment. CHAPTER V : Recommendations : The researcher lacks materials that could make her production of vinegar more

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